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Contemporary diamond/engagement rings

Here are some great looking contemporary diamond rings.  Contemporary settings usually feature bold styles and unique designs. Tension settings are very common in these types of rings. I’ll feature a few different contemporary rings in this post.

3 Stone Tension Ring

3 Stone Tension Ring

This is a breathtaking, brand new ring. This setting is very different and modern looking, and it definitely brings something new to the table!

Accent Diamond Ring

Diamond Accent Solitaire Ring

This is a gorgeous ring with a diamond accent on the shank. It’s simple, but the accent adds additional style to it. This is a great ring if you like simple, traditional rings, but want something a little more decorated.

Spiral Tension Diamond Ring

Spiral Tension Diamond Ring

This dramatic ring showcases the diamond for all its worth. The combination of the spiral design with a tension setting makes for a beautiful ring!

Platinum Split Shank Ring

Platinum Split Shank Diamond Ring

Here is a ring with a unique, modern design.

That’s just a few of the modern styled diamond rings out there… click here to see more rings like these.


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