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Princess Cut Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Princess cut rings make beautiful engagement rings, plain and simple! Well, actually, they make a beautiful ring for any purpose.

My goal is to help you get the best ring for your money, and this is my shopping advice for princess cut engagement rings, or any princess cut diamond ring – it doesn’t have to be an engagement ring!:

The first step is to go to a reputable diamond ring dealer – James Allen is my favorite and #1 recommended professional jeweler. They have an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau), a 5-star rating from iVouch, and an outstanding rating from BizRate.

Click here to visit James Allen and start making your ring!

Make sure the princess cut diamond’s features are as follows in order to get a top-quality diamond for your ring:

  • Cut is graded “TrueHearts” “Ideal,” or “Premium.”  This is the most important factor, so make sure you get a diamond with a good cut.
  • Color is D, E, F, G, H, or I. Don’t spend the extra money to get a D (completely colorless) diamond. The difference is barely noticeable (most of the time not noticeable at all) and the money you can save getting a diamond in the F-I range is substantial.
  • Clarity is F, IF, VVS1, VVS2, or VS1. You can look at the photos and judge the clarity for yourself – as long as it’s clean to the eye, the diamond is clear enough.
  • Depth percentage is anywhere from 59-76%.
  • Table is anything between 59-76%.
  • As for the carat size… get the largest carat diamond that you can afford, as long as the other characteristics fit in to the guidelines above.

Remember, these are just guidelines for finding top-quality princess cut diamonds. If you want a better value,  you can choose a ring that’s outside these recommendations.

Where can you find princess cut diamond rings that fit these criteria?

Usually, the best way to buy a beautiful princess cut ring is to design your own ring online at the following stores, keeping the recommendations in mind:

  • James Allen – This is my recommended site. They have a real picture of every diamond on their site, including a virtual loupe so you can see each diamond under magnification.

Here are a few princess cut diamonds that meet the recommendations that you can use to build your ring:

Princess Cut Diamond 0.73 Carat F-VS1 Ideal Cut Princess Diamond at James Allen
1.90 Carat F-VS1 Ideal Cut Princess Diamond 1.90 Carat F-VS1 Ideal Cut Princess Diamond at James Allen
0.38 Carat F-VVS2 Ideal Cut Princess Diamond 0.38 Carat F-VVS2 Ideal Cut Princess Diamond at James Allen

What about some pre-set princess cut engagement rings?

Don’t worry, I’ve got that covered too! Here are some stunning princess cut diamond engagement rings that I found:

Three Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring in White GoldThree Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring in White Gold Twisted Band Princess Cut Engagement Ring in White GoldTwisted Band Princess Cut Engagement Ring in White Goldg
1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Platinum RingPrincess Cut Diamond Ring 1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Bridal 18K Yellow Gold Ring
Princess Cut Diamond Rings

–Out of all these options, what’s the best option for buying a ring?

My Princess Cut Ring Recommendation

I know that I’ve listed a lot of different rings and stores where you can buy a princess cut diamond engagement ring (or a princess cut ring for any occasion…or any kind of ring!)…

However, my #1 recommendation for getting a top-quality ring is to shop for your ring at James Allen. I like them because, not only do they have a huge selection of high-quality diamonds, but they also have real pictures of every single diamond that they sell. So, you can see the exact diamond that will be on your ring. In addition, they have a virtual loupe, so you can see the picture of your diamond under magnification.

All the other sites that I have listed are also excellent places for you to find your ring… but I would definitely try James Allen first. If you want to look in the other stores I listed, go ahead! Or, maybe you like some of the pre-set diamond rings on the other sites – by all means go with whatever you like!

However, I would recommend that you start your search with James Allen…

Click here to find your perfect diamond ring at James Allen.

And….. this is the end of the guide! Thanks for reading; I hope this has been helpful!

If you have any questions about buying a ring, please don’t hesitate to leave your questions as a comment to this post, or email me at ringhelp(at)buydiamondrings.org. Replace the (at) with the @ sign.

More Recommended Rings

This section highlights some beautiful princess cut rings that I have found that I think are noteworthy for a few different reasons. I chose all of them because they are all designed very nicely and with a good diamond in the center. Also, some of them might have exceptional value or some other special attributes. Make sure to look at these because I bet you’ll like them too!

Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Sidestones

Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Sidestones

This ring is absolutely beautiful. It’s a very popular engagement ring setting with two princess-cut sidestones and princess-cut pave diamonds. Just pick out your princess-cut center diamond and you’ll have a jaw-dropping ring!

French Cut Pave Princess Cut Ring

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

This ring has pave diamonds going all the way around the band! It’s sure to sparkle from any angle.

1 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring With Both White and Yellow Diamonds

This ring features both white and yellow diamonds, creating a gorgeous contrast with the princess cut diamond in the center.Click here to view this ring Yellow & White Diamond Ring

1/2 Carat Diamond 14K White Gold Ring

This elegant, unique ring gets its intriguing style from its sleek white gold band and intricate design of the diamonds.Click here to view this ring Star Diamond Ring

1 1/2 Carat Diamond 14K White Gold Ring

Majestically designed, this ring sparkles as a result of the princess cut diamond surrounded by accents of glittering round diamonds.Click here to view this ring White Gold Engagement Ring

1 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring – Huge Discount!

This incredible ring also has a pretty incredible discount! Its retail price is $4,000 but is now on sale for $1,195.Click here to view this ring 1.5 Carat Diamond Ring

3 Stone Princess Cut Ring

This ring has 3 princess cut diamonds, perfect for an engagement or a ring for any purpose.Click here to view this ring 3 Stone Princess Ring

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